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The rooftop in Martinique, 
lunch canteen
a bar in the evening
cocktails, wines, salads
an afterwork, a sunset
secure and intimate
and many other good things...

Yes we are a bit hidden :)

Inspired by many travels, Le Cloud was born from a desire: to find oneself in an atypical and intimate place, where art could express itself, people meet, the craziest projects come true. Just one moreBaratCocktails: a philosophy: feet on the ground, head in the clouds. This is how the Cloud was born in December 2015. 


First "Rooftop Bar” of Martinique, it is a place with an urban, chic & relaxed atmosphere: an invitation to travel to the heart of a heterogeneous and mixed universe, where time stands still for a cocktail (or two!) with friends, with family and between professionals.

Unique in Martinique and perched on the heights of the Étang Z'abricots district, it overlooks the magnificent bay ofFort de Franceand the Pierre Aliker Stadium. Time to take the elevator that gives access to its secure roof terrace, and you are immediately transported into a universe that contrasts with the surrounding decor.


Each evening is unique: this place conducive to escape reveals us from thesunseta landscape with a colorful and unlimited palette. 

Its heterogeneous universe is reflected in its menu ofcocktails, its decoration, itsmusical programmingoriginal as well as its artistic scene animated by the discovery of new talents.

A Philosophy. An Experience: the tasting of “haute couture”, creative and surprising cocktails. A key word: “Mixology”: the great art and science of associating flavors.


The Cloud is therefore a clever cocktail of passion, arts and committed professionals.

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